How to Style your HTML Link into a Button

Styling links to look like buttons is very common in web development. A simple link doesn't always catch a user's attention when they're scanning a website. While it is often a different color than the regular text, it's rather small and doesn't

CSS Padding Vs. Margin and How to Use Them

Some CSS properties are very easy to understand, like background-color, text-align, and font-size. Other CSS properties aren't so straight forward and require you to experiment with them a bit before truly understanding how they work with HTML

HTML Tags Explained, Simply

When you want to learn how to code, HTML is a great place to start. Understanding basic HTML tags and how to wrap content in them is fairly straight forward. To give you some perspective, I assisted in teaching a group of middle school girls how

How to Use the Google Fonts New Website

I'm not sure when, but Google completely redid their Google Fonts site and even gave it a new URL. Today I want to review with you the new changes to the site and how to add these Google fonts to your WordPress or Blogger blog :) So now,

These Paper Sites – a new blog launches!

I've been debating starting this blog for a while now, and finally took the first step a couple of weeks ago when I decided on a name, These Paper Sites. I tried a lot of names initially, but none of them fully covered all the topics I wanted to

Customized Archive Gadget (Blogger)

Do you ever feel limited with Blogger? Like you can't have all the cool stuff? Well, hopefully today I can help you feel a little more content with Blogger. Customizing for Blogger isn't always easy, especially when the code is created "behind the

Your Blog’s Comment Avatars

Let's start out with this question: What do you remember more often of someone you just met? Their face/appearance or their name? I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm HORRIBLE at remembering names. It's really embarrassing sometimes, BUT