Customized Email Gadget (Blogger)

Customized Email Gadget (Blogger)

Do you ever get tired of the way your subscribe to email gadget looks in Blogger? Wouldn’t it be cool if it matched your blog theme? All you need to do is add some CSS to your code to modify the look of your email gadget for Blogger. It’s very simple, all you need to do is choose the colors you want. Here is an example of what one could look like:


You can choose your colors here:

Just copy the code in the color textbox and paste it where the red text is. Don’t delete the semicolon at the end though.

Then go to Blogger > Template > Customize (button) > Advanced > Add CSS, and paste in the following CSS with your color choices:

And you’re done! See, I told you it would be simple ;)

i knew it

Next time I’ll show you how to customize your search gadget!

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26 thoughts on “Customized Email Gadget (Blogger)

  1. Woohoo that is totally simple! I seriously CANNOT wait to go to college (just less than a year) and major in Computer Science. I can't wait to know all of the complex html codes, css, and all those cool stuff lol. Maybe once I'm a freshman in college, I'll move to WordPress dot org (right now I'm a wordpress dot com user).
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  2. Hi! Is there an easy way to change the text in the box and the ‘submit’ button? Like, instead of saying ‘submit’, have it say ‘go’?

    Thanks! I love this tutorial series you’ve done. Trying to rebrand right now it’s saving my butt, haha :)

    1. There is =)
      You’ll have to edit your HTML though. Go to Blogger > Template > Edit HTML (button)
      Click inside the html box and hit Ctrl + F (or however you search for Mac)
      Search for: follow-by-email-submit
      Just change the value to Go like this:

      1. I tried adding that into the html, but it didn’t work? I’m not quite sure where I’m supposed to include it? The values for the button seem to follow more of the “value: XXX;” format (I tried to alter the… command?…slightly to fit that pattern with no luck), and the code that follows that seems to look more like the pattern of code as what you suggested… but I’m unsure where to integrate it in?

        Any suggestions? :) And thank you so much for responding!!

  3. Hey Stephanie, this email subscription gadget looks good. But I wanted something little large like a banner with some texts to invite readers subscribe to the blog. Thanks.