Currently Reading Gadget

Currently Reading Gadget

One of my favorite gadgets on other people’s blogs is actually the currently reading gadget. Mostly it’s curiosity, but I also can discover new books that I may want to read. If you’ve read some of my previous tutorials, you’ll know that I love it when gadgets match. I love when a theme ties into all sorts of different aspects of the blog. Today we’re going to go over a way to customize the currently reading gadget.

Simple Background and Text

The important thing to remember about this style is to only include MAX 5 lines for the description section. Really it’s up to you what text you want to put with the book. You can always just experiment with how many lines of text is too much and how many is just right.

For my template bellow, there is the book’s title, author, 4 line description, and link to goodreads. The blanks you would need to fill in, I’ve written in all caps.

For the CSS all you need to do is choose a background color. You can choose colors here:

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27 thoughts on “Currently Reading Gadget

  1. I really like seeing what someone is reading, but the problem with me is that I read several books at the same time :p and having 5 of those currently reading images in the sidebar is going to make it look very messy. Still, I like reading these tips and if I ever want to do it, I now know how :D

    1. Lol ya sometimes I do too :P I just sort of pick on and stick with it until I’m done with that book. Then I’ll change the gadget to a different book.

  2. Thanks for this! I used to have a currently reading widget but it was just an image that was linked, nothing fancy at all! Yours is really good though! I love how I can even write a short blurb and include a link! I’m definitely going to put this in right now.

    1. Keeping things simple is always nice too. Saving time is definitely important! I doesn’t really matter what the gadget looks like. I just like viewing what someone is reading =)

  3. I love the second one with the flower background! I think I might try it (although it’s definitely going to take some trial and error attempts).

    1. Lmk if you’re struggling when you’re doing the trial and error. Positioning with css can be tricky sometimes.

  4. Thank you SO much for this!! I just applied the first one to my blog. I was using the Goodreads widget but that was boring and totally didn’t match my design at all. Now everything looks pretty and cohesive. Thank you again!

  5. That flower background is gorgeous! I love seeing what people are reading too, as given the sort of bloggers that I follow, it’s usually things that I plan to read myself. Your tutorials are as helpful as ever. Thanks, Stephanie! :)

  6. Hi, I’m trying to start a book blog and most of the html I’ve done was with the help of your DIYs. I’d really like to use this widget but I can’t get the background for the Simple Background and Text to work. Am I supposed to enter both templates into a JavaScript/HTML gadget? I’m sorry if I sound kind of stupid but I’m a little bit new to coding :)

    1. Hi Kaylie! Welcome to the book blogging community =D
      So the HTML(that first box) goes in the gadget box. The CSS box (2nd one) can go in Blogger > Template > Customize (orange button) > Advanced tab > Add CSS. Then just paste it in there with the color you chose.

  7. Hi. I can’t figure out how to put the image of the book in the currently reading widgit. Also, where do I put the CSS code for color? Everyone’s talking about what cute backgrounds theirs have. Is that part of looking for the color? I blog in Blogger, but have only used their widgets or badges from other blogs that already have their code.
    If you have a post in your blog that answers all this, I can read that if you give me the link.

    I really appreciate your help.