Transitioning Link Colors

Hey everyone! I’ve been a bit absent this past June but I am back this July with lots of posts planned! I had an online class that was taking up a lot of my time and sucking the fun out of blogging for me. Now that the online class is done, I have more time to blog =)

Today is a really simple tutorial. Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you hover over a blog’s links they fade in and out of a color? The fading of link colors is actually just a simple CSS style that anyone can easily add. I really like to add this CSS style because it makes the blog act more elegant in my opinion.

The first step you’ll need to take is to determine where your style sheet is located so you can paste in this CSS. In Blogger you can go to Template > Edit HTML (button) > Search for:

and paste in your CSS after that. You could also go to Template > Customize (Button) > Advanced > Add CSS. In WordPress (if you are self-hosted), you stylesheet should be in Appearance > Editor.

Then just paste in the CSS below:


Lookin classy ;)


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