Affordable Design Graphics

Affordable Design Graphics

Everyone loves free stuff. The internet is just full of free design resources, right? Eh, not really. Simply because you find an image on the internet, does not mean it’s free for the taking. Finding graphics can become a bit complicated when you consider all the legalities and licenses behind images. Free image sites are often limited, low quality, and require you give the artist credit.

You should always be wary when you find an image but you can’t find a license or permissions to go with it. Lack of a license does not mean you can do whatever you want with an image. Usually then you should contact the person who owns the image/graphic.

In a nutshell, I never use free images anymore when I’m working on blog designs. I don’t like to deal with individual rules that the artist just makes up on their own. If you are looking for free resources, I would recommend checking out Just be careful that you read their terms of use.

So what about the topic of this post? Well, I’ve found that while some resources aren’t free, they can be pretty cheap. You can easily get awesome, good quality images for a cheap price. You’re blog is an investment. $20 can get you quite a bit on some of these sites I’ll be showing you. You don’t even want to know the number of hours I’ve spent scrolling through graphics on these sites for client projects.

creative marchet

Creative Market is my favorite place to buy resources. Prices are great and so are the graphics. They have photos, graphics, fonts, templates, themes, and more! The great thing about Creative Market too is that they have one license for all the graphics on their site. It’s suitable called the SimpleLicense. What is awesome about this license is that it allows for Personal and commercial use :D

Also, notice those free image links in the screenshot above? That’s right! When you become a member there are six free goods you can receive every week! They also somewhat recently started doing these huge bundle packs where you can buy a crap load of resources all together for a great price.


Envato Market is similar to Creative Market, but I would only recommend it if you want graphics only for yourself. They have a “Regular License” which provides cheap prices, but it can’t be for-profit. Their commercial license is significantly higher in price.

I’ve personally never used their graphics portion of Envato Market. I have used CodeCanyon a couple times though for their cool plugins.


Etsy was the first site I ever bought web design graphics from. This is where I stopped trying to search for those elusive free images and found some great cheap graphics. Etsy has a pretty good selection of digital graphics. Careful though, it can be easy to get addicted to this site. Etsy has more than simple graphics that can tempt you :)

My only warning is to be careful with licensing. Etsy doesn’t have an overall license for all digital products. You have to check each shop’s specific polices before buying something. If you’re not sure, just contact the shop owner.


Shutterstock is not what I would consider very affordable, especially if you’re a newbie web designer with a limited budget. However, I want to include it because the graphics there are awesome. Sometimes all it takes is one amazing graphic image to make a blog design. You can easily get smaller details of blog design on other sites like Creative Market, but sometimes it’s a good idea to spend a bit more on the primary blog image/header.

They have an images on demand option where you can buy 2 images for $29. Not a bad price if you’re willing to make the investment.

What about you?

Do you use any of these sites or a site that isn’t mentioned above? Let me know!

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12 thoughts on “Affordable Design Graphics

  1. I absolutely LOVE Creative Market. Not only is the community around it incredibly nice/awesome – but the staff are always out of this world friendly! When they launched I was kind of scared that it wouldn’t live up to be what they had set out for it to be, but it has and it’s such a great place, with some amazing artists!

    I don’t use Envato or Etsy enough to really have an opinion on them, me thinks, BUT

    I also love shutterstock but Imma let you in on a secret that makes them much more affordable: coupons. If you check out they almost ALWAYS have a 20% off coupon ( for Shutterstock which works for ANY of the plans. Which means you can get the 2 image plan for like $6 off, and the 5 image plan for $10 off. OR the yearly plan for $159 a month (saving $40/mo) & you get like 25 images a day – if you can pitch in with another designer (or a few) this turns into a really, really, good deal.

  2. I love that there are so many avenues for designers to find cool things to include in their designs. While I’m not much of a designer (I prefer code), I think these are such useful tips. Too often do I see people selling designs where they use random graphics taken from the Internet. Even if someone doesn’t throw a license on it, it doesn’t mean they can’t be angry at you for using their product to make money. It’s a messy world at times.

    I love Creative Market! I’ve bought a few things from there and I really liked what I bought. Etsy as well. The designers are easy to reach and make high quality items for purchase, so I know if what I’m getting will be worth the money. :P

    Great post!
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