Free and Affordable Fonts

Free and Affordable Fonts

A couple weeks ago, I went over a great website that allows you to preview fonts on your computer, which can help speed up the process of choosing a font. The question now is, where do you go to download fonts? Some fonts can be quite expensive and have complicated rules for how you can use it. Fonts, like images, have licenses attached to them. The licenses for fonts are free for personal use only, free for personal and commercial use, or you pay a price for personal and commercial use.


Personal Use = you use it in a website/template and DON’T make money off from it(personal blog).

Commercial Use = you use it in a website/template and DO make money off from it(client design/business website).

It’s important when looking for fonts to pay attention to the licenses. Making money off of a font that is marked for personal use only is illegal!

So what are some great sites that offer free/affordable fonts? I’ll go through four of my favorite sites:

Creative Market

I LOVE Creative Market! I’ve talked about them before in a post on affordable design graphics. Creative Market has a lot of fonts at very affordable prices (around $15-30). It seems like their adding new fonts all the time and have a lot of great watercolor/hand drawn fonts.


The great thing about Creative Market, is that everything is under the “Simple License.” All the fonts on their site are available for personal and commercial use when you purchase them. You can learn more about how the simple license works here

Google Fonts

Google Fonts is awesome and the best place to go to for free fonts. There are a ton of fonts on this site and all of them are completely free for you to use for personal and commercial use! There are great fonts for sans serif/serif fonts, as well as cursive and cool hand written fonts.


Google fonts is a great resource, especially if you’re on Blogger. Blogger only has a template file and doesn’t allow you to upload a fonts folder, but with Google fonts, you can just paste in a link tag to use the font on your blog :)

Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel is another good place to go to for free fonts that allow for commercial use. Some of the fonts are also on Google fonts now, but there are some other nice fonts to check out here.


They also have a nice webfont generator that I use when I want to use non-Google fonts on my WordPress blog. It creates the font files you need and writes the CSS for you to access the fonts.

I don’t use Dafont as much as I used to, but there are a wide variety of fonts available on this site. Be careful though, most fonts on this site are for personal use only. There are a fair number of free fonts, so just be sure to check the font before you go downloading like crazy.


If you’re looking for a cool header font and want it for your personal blog, this could be a great site for you to browse through!

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19 thoughts on “Free and Affordable Fonts

  1. I don’t use any fancy fonts on my blog mostly because I’m not sure how to install them. I’ve tried picking out Google fonts but the code they gave me was not working so I just gave up. Which is fine since I sorta like my Georgia/Calibri combination right now and for headers and banners, I use fonts I find on PicMonkey. But this is really helpful because I am planning on being more serious and playing with my designs a little more so knowing which places I can go to find affordable fonts is good!
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    1. Google fonts should work on your blog. When you add in that google link tag, add in a slash right before the ending HTML tag. So you get the link like this: add a slash to the end like this: Hope that helps and good luck with your design!

  2. I love, love, love Google Fonts and DaFont. They’re both so wonderful and easy to implement into designs. I just started using the fonts from Creative Market more regularly since I started getting into design, and I love them. Thanks for sharing this wonderful list!
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