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I’ve been debating starting this blog for a while now, and finally took the first step a couple of weeks ago when I decided on a name, These Paper Sites. I tried a lot of names initially, but none of them fully covered all the topics I wanted to talk about on this blog. I didn’t want this to be just a coding site with quick tips/tricks tutorials. I wanted to discuss website development and design, along with some general blogging tips. The name, These Paper Sites, is broad enough to encapsulate all of these topics (and is very close to my old blog’s name ;)). I made my tagline “from sketches to code” because a website is more than the code, it’s an entire process that I want to help you with!

On my old blog, These Paper Hearts, I tried to cut out the web design/coding posts to create a better focus for that blog. I found out though, that I struggled to create book only related content for that blog. Meanwhile, I had a growing list of blog design/coding posts that I could have written.

So what’s new in These Paper Sites?

The biggest thing that is new is a greater focus on learning how to code. I’ve done a lot of quick and easy tips/tricks for blog coding in the past. I’ll still be writing posts like those, but I’ll also be writing more detailed posts that focus on the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/jQuery. Tips and tricks posts can help you with smaller sized changes, but if you really want to make big changes for your blog, you either need to hire someone or actually learn how to code on your own.

The second fun change coming to the blog are new cat tips!

funny cat

Cat Tip!

Hi everyone! I’m your friendly neighborhood coding cat. I’m here to offer you helpful advice during tutorials on the blog. I also have a variety of facial expressions I’ll use to try and get your attention! Keep an eye out for what I have to say or you may miss out on something important :)

I’ve gone through my old posts and integrated our new coding cat into those tutorials to give them some new life. Coding cat will also be appearing in most of the new tutorials I write :)

As far as blogging consistency goes, my goal is to write a post a week, but if it doesn’t happen, I’m not going to stress over it. I don’t want to push myself to write too much in a week as I’ll also be focusing my time on answering questions in post comments and in my new “Ask Me a Question” app. You can see it on the homepage in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. If you have any questions about web design/development that I haven’t covered here on this blog, enter your question in there and I’ll answer either in the app itself or create a new post dedicated to your question!

Whether you were a follower of my old blog or a newcomer, I hope you feel welcome here and enjoy learning how to make your blog or website better :)

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5 thoughts on “These Paper Sites – a new blog launches!

    1. Hi Cassidy! Glad you could find your way over. I think it’s awesome how much you’ve learned about web development so far! If coding is something you enjoy, I hope you continue learning :)

  1. I couldn’t be happier! Such amazing news <3
    Thank you so much for continuing with your tutorials, they're just perfect and always very helpful :)