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Do you want to make updates to your blog or website, but are frustrated because you don’t know how?

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Despair no longer, I’m here to help! (and my cat minions)

This blog has a wide variety of tutorials to help you with your website. There are tutorials from quick tips/tricks walkthroughs, that require a simple copy/paste code, to more in-depth tutorials, that give you a better knowledge of how HTML, CSS, and jQuery work so that you can code on your own.

Is Web Development Difficult to Learn?

Yes and no ;)

I say yes first because the very basics of HTML and CSS are easy to pick up and learn. Perspective? I assisted once in teaching middle school girls how to develop a basic website with HTML and CSS. Granted, I find it’s easier for students to learn HTML/CSS in a classroom style where teachers are readily available to answer questions and review code. You may have a slightly higher hurdle, learning how to code online, but I’d definitely say it’s within your reach to learn how to develop websites.

On the opposite side of that, web development is a skill that requires you to learn many new things and practice a lot to become good at it. Learning to code full websites is not something you can just pick up overnight. If it was, I’d probably be making minimum wage right now at my job. The fact that there are college degrees related to web development should tell you something. Not that you necessarily need a college degree to become a web developer, but it shows that a lot can be learned in the field.

When it comes to web development, practice is key!

How can These Paper Sites help?

With awesome tutorials, of course!

sarcasmI’ll be writing posts from the basics of how HTML/CSS works to more advanced post topics, such as understanding responsive design, being able to write your own jQuery, and much more.

But what good is code without a design? In addition to the coding side of making websites, I’ll also be discussing web design advice and sharing my favorite resources for web design.

Have a question about web design/development that I haven’t answered in a post? Click on the “Ask Me a Question” button in the bottom right hand corner to submit a new question to me. I’ll either answer your question in the app or create a new tutorial post on the blog.

Who is this Author?

Hey everyone! My name is Stephanie and I’m a front-end web developer

profilepicMy journey to where I am now actually started in middle school when I played around with GIMP. Eventually I outgrew GIMP and purchased Photoshop for a graphic design course in high school. I actually serious considered becoming a graphic designer, but was scared away when I saw the art classes in college and I was like O—>—< look I made a stick person :P Most of my high school career tests pointed towards a career in IT, so I decided to major in computer information systems with a specialty in web development. After my intro to HTML/CSS I fell in love with developing websites and never looked back :)

A Bit About Me

  • Disney fan (Mulan is awesome)
  • Cat Owner
  • Live in Michigan (brrrrr)
  • I come from an IT family (both parents and sister)
  • Love to read! (especially YA fantasy)
  • Favorite season is fall (warm sweaters)
  • Favorite food is Watermelon with Kraft Mac and Cheese at a close second

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