Free and Affordable Fonts

A couple weeks ago, I went over a great website that allows you to preview fonts on your computer, which can help speed up the process of choosing a font. The question now is, where do you go to download fonts? Some fonts can be quite expensive

Previewing Fonts with

Choosing a font for a blog design is an important and, often times, a difficult decision. There are just so many to choose from! Sites like Google Fonts are great because it lets you enter in text to show as the preview, but what about other fonts

Affordable Design Graphics

Everyone loves free stuff. The internet is just full of free design resources, right? Eh, not really. Simply because you find an image on the internet, does not mean it's free for the taking. Finding graphics can become a bit complicated when you

Choosing a Color Scheme

Before writing up this post, I did some research on the effects of color on websites. In a nutshell: color is important, choose wisely. Really though, a lot of what the articles discussed had to do with properly marketing a website for the right