How to Add CSS to your Blog

Looking through tutorials I've covered so far, I realized that I missed a fundamental one. Where do we even put the CSS? If you've never ventured into your template or WordPress editor, you may have no idea where it is. Usually I give a little bit

WordPress Starter Themes

WordPress has so many options for themes, it can be a bit overwhelming. How are you supposed to choose between a framework, child theme, starter theme, and starting a theme from scratch? I think we can split these 4 options in 2. Either you want to

Author Bio Box (Blogger)

First of all, what do I mean by an author bio box? An author bio box is an area at the bottom of your post that describes who the author of the post is. They typically contain a profile picture, you username, and a description about you. To keep

Remove Strange Formatting

Have you ever let your dog outside to go about his business, and when you called him back inside he brought a dead animal back with him? Your dog probably looked up at your with a big smile, so proud of the animal that he brought back to you.

Customize Jetpack & Feedburner Email Widget

I've done a lot of tutorials that are specific to Blogger(BLOGGER EMAIL GADGET) and how to customize those widgets. Today's tutorial will be a bit specific because it will only work for people who have a self-hosted WordPress blog and are using