How to Style your HTML Link into a Button

Styling links to look like buttons is very common in web development. A simple link doesn't always catch a user's attention when they're scanning a website. While it is often a different color than the regular text, it's rather small and doesn't

CSS Padding Vs. Margin and How to Use Them

Some CSS properties are very easy to understand, like background-color, text-align, and font-size. Other CSS properties aren't so straight forward and require you to experiment with them a bit before truly understanding how they work with HTML

How to Use the Google Fonts New Website

I'm not sure when, but Google completely redid their Google Fonts site and even gave it a new URL. Today I want to review with you the new changes to the site and how to add these Google fonts to your WordPress or Blogger blog :) So now,

Customized Archive Gadget (Blogger)

Do you ever feel limited with Blogger? Like you can't have all the cool stuff? Well, hopefully today I can help you feel a little more content with Blogger. Customizing for Blogger isn't always easy, especially when the code is created "behind the

Common Reasons Why CSS Breaks

CSS can be pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it, but it has its complications. I post HTML/CSS tutorials here and there's almost always at least one comment that says the CSS isn't working for them. I'm sure all of us, at one time or

Social Icons with Font Awesome

Wait, social icons are fonts? What? Well, if you haven't heard of Font Awesome before, they offer over 500 icons for people to use free! Here is a complete list of their icons. Now scroll all the way to the bottom of that page and you'll see the

How to Add CSS to your Blog

Looking through tutorials I've covered so far, I realized that I missed a fundamental one. Where do we even put the CSS? If you've never ventured into your template or WordPress editor, you may have no idea where it is. Usually I give a little bit

Author Bio Box (Blogger)

First of all, what do I mean by an author bio box? An author bio box is an area at the bottom of your post that describes who the author of the post is. They typically contain a profile picture, you username, and a description about you. To keep

Customized Search and Email Gadgets (Blogger)

Around this time last year, I did two tutorials for customizing the search and email gadgets for Blogger. Well today we're going to bring both of those tutorials into one and update it with some new cool CSS :) So what shall our new search and

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